Sanitaire SC3683 Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Thinking of buying a powerful commercial canister vacuum cleaner for home use with a reasonable price tag? The Eureka Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial vacuum cleaner comes to mind. Not many commercial vacuum cleaner comes with a $100 price tag and yet provides an optimum cleaning solution.

Manufactured under the Electrolux brand which is known for their thoughtfully designed home appliances with innovative features based primarily on customers’ needs, the Eureka Sanitaire SC3683B can be used on both hard or bare floors and carpets.

Great for homes with kids and pets, this red home canister vacuum is fitted with a powerful 1200 watt motor offering strong suction. All features offer convenience of use such as its 7 foot hose with the adjustable metal telescopic wand, and include convenient onboard tools for more specialized cleaning operations.

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Eureka Sanitaire : Onboard Tools

Area rugs, short pile carpets, your beautiful hard wood or tiled flooring, curtains, soft furnishings, hard-to-reach corners,: everything is taken care of by its onboard tools which include upholstery nozzle with built-in lint brush, 9 inch crevice tool, deluxe floor tool and a deluxe horsehair bristles dusting brush.

This lightweight canister vacuum  weighing just 10 pounds comes with a handy heavy-duty nylon shoulder strap, 7 foot hose and a 20 foot double insulated power cord for effortless whole house cleaning from ceiling to floor. The flexible and adjustable metal telescopic wand helps in reaching distant and secluded corners or under furniture, with ease.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet Cleaning

Designed to clean all floor surfaces, the Eureka Sanitaire commercial vacuum offers an option to buy the Eureka Power Paw Turbo head (not included) for cleaning deeper pile carpets. Its original carpet cleaning attachment offers a thorough clean on low pile carpets and area rugs. With a large cleaning head offering a 9 inch width cleaning path, together with the strong suction and the Power Paw with its brush roll and rubber teeth, your carpets and floors can be easily rid of your pet hairs, a major problem of pet lovers. Also does a great job loosening and removing dirt embedded deep down in the carpet.

Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum – Product Features

  • Powerful 1200-watt, 10-amp motor
  • 9 inch cleaning width
  • 7 foot hose
  • 20 foot double insulated power cord
  • Includes the following on-board tools: metal telescopic wand, carpet cleaning attachment, deluxe dusting brush and crevice tool
  • Comes with a shoulder strap for carrying the canister
  • Lightweight at 10 pounds
  • Color: red

Hepa filter vacuum cleaner

A good filtration system is important when vacuuming, not only to capture the most minute of dust particles and allergens, but also to prevent collected dust from leaking back into the environment. With this Eureka commercial canister vacuum, you do not have this worry. It features a completely sealed filtration system that does not allow dust leekage as well as the option to buy the high quality HEPA exhaust filter (not included) which can trap up to 99.97% of dust, dust mites and their feaces as well as allergens as small as 0.3 microns. On top of that, HEPA filters can also remove odors from the room. The hepa filter is located at the back of the canister. It is recommended that the hepa filter is changed about once every 6 months.

Bagged canister vacuum cleaner

The Sanitaire SC3683 is a bagged canister vacuum cleaner and uses the easy drop-in  MM allergen disposable dust bags with self-closing flap with a capacity of 2.6 dry qt. Removing the front-loading sealed bag is easily done, with no dust escaping back into the atmosphere. Once the collected dirt exceeds the line printed on the bag, this means that it is time to change the bag.

It is also a good idea to wrap your canister or even the nozzle head with a vacuum bumper guard to protect your vacuum as well as your furniture from scratches or damages caused while vacuuming. A vacuum bumper guard is an innovative solution to minimize all those unsightly scratches and dents. Machine washable and made in the USA, the VacuBump fits snugly into all vacuum cleaners. You get the side benefit of a quieter vacuum.

Being a compact canister vacuum makes storing easy and convenient. It can easily fit into a small space in your closet.

Customer reviews on the Eureka Sanitaire

Used by homeowners as well as cleaning companies, the Eureka Sanitaire commercial canister vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of praises. The list includes strong suction, lightweight, sucks well and reasonably quiet at 71dB. Some customers recommend buying a separate hardwood floor attachment for hardwood floors as they find the bristles on the original head a bit stiff to be used on these type of floors. The major complaint seems to be a non-retractable power cord.

CRI Green Label

Eureka Sanitaire is CRI (Carpet and Rug Institite) Green Label Certified which means that it has passed stringent testing for cleaning and filtration. Vacuums with the CRI label gives a superb performance on soil and dust removal, dust containment and the ability to provide great carpet appearance retention, indeed a great feature in a vacuum cleaner.

It comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Lightweight canister vacuum
  • Powerful suction;
  • hepa filter option available
  • Easy drop-in disposable bags; no mess
  • Long power cord
  • High quality and durable construction
  • Adjustable metal telescopic wand
  • low price for a commercial-grade canister vacuum


  • No automatic rewind of power cord

So who should buy Eureka Sanitaire SC3683B canister vacuum cleaner. Well, it is a heavy-duty commercial canister vacuum cleaner suitable for both residential as well as commercial cleaning. Low price and excellent performance from the Eureka Sanitaire commercial vacuum, what more can you ask?

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